Why Life’s Journey

Why Choose Life’s Journey for your Senior Living Community?

Our Mission

The Mission of Life’s Journey Senior Living is to provide a place of safety and security where everyone is treated with love, compassion and dignity. This is a top down mission statement, we realize that if we don’t treat our team members at our community level with the utmost respect, dignity and appreciation, then we can’t expect them to treat those we care for and their families with this same level of commitment. Our goal is to utilize all the resources that are available to us and to stay on top of new research and techniques for our industry to ensure our communities have the most up-to-date information and tools available. We will recruit and hire those who believe in our mission and we will ensure they know and feel they are valued to ensure we provide the highest level of care available.

Strategic Growth Opportunities

Our communities will not only focus on providing quality and compassionate care to seniors, but it will focus on helping them find renewed purpose in their lives. All of our communities will have very specific Wellness Strategies geared towards improving the overall wellness of our residents from a proactive perspective by establishing working partnerships with specialty medical professionals. The top three targeted diagnoses for hospital readmissions for seniors that are being tracked by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services are Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Heart Attack.

Prior to opening, our communities will have established partnerships with local, qualified cardiac, pulmonary and rehabilitative specialists that will provide ongoing oversight of our residents in our clinics located within our communities. This will close the back door to unnecessary hospital (re)admissions as well as premature discharges to skilled nursing settings (nursing homes). We will be viewed as the most viable choice for post hospital placements over nursing home facilities. Upon opening we will be tracking our outcomes data to validate our Wellness Strategy Programs. This is something that is currently not being done by other assisted living companies. This will give us a huge competitive edge over other assisted living providers and will allow us to continue to enhance our Wellness Strategy Program ensuring we stay focused on resident wellness on a proactive basis.

By tracking the outcomes of our Wellness Strategy Program, we will be able to provide concrete data to physicians, hospital discharge planners and other healthcare providers on our success validating our viability as the Provider of Choice in Assisted Living as well as the obvious better choice over skilled nursing care.

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services has indicated that there is a possibility down the road for Medicare reimbursement for Assisted Living if it is found to be a more financially viable option over skilled nursing care and still meet the medical care needed by the senior population. Our Wellness Strategy Program will be able to provide the information they will need to make this decision – we are way ahead of the curve of our competitors with our focus on partnerships with medical specialists within our communities. Others may follow once they learn of our success, but we will definitely have the strategic advantage as a proven provider.