Programs & Services

Memory Care

Memory Care — Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Life’s Journey Senior Living offers solutions for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Our private pay community is equipped to handle the intricacies of these difficult conditions at any stage. We’ll give your loved one the support they need while allowing them to retain the dignity they deserve. As a fully equipped and staffed cognitive disability center, we prefer a personalized approach to care that takes the individual needs of the patient into consideration. Our community strives to keep residents as engaged and active as possible by providing stimulating activities and social interaction.

Respite Care

Respite Care

Our Respite Care Program (short-term stay) can be an ideal living situation for an older adult or disabled person who needs support with day-to-day tasks, even offering daily medical care as needed. Respite Care provides temporary care for your loved one while providing relief for their usual caregivers and peace of mind for family members. During a respite stay, you or your loved one will receive the same amenities and services provided to full-time residents.
Some exceptions may apply.

Individualized Care Plan

Individualized Care Plan

We all have different thoughts, beliefs, and histories. That’s why we don’t create everyone’s care plan the same. When you or a loved one move into our community you can expect to be treated like the individual you are, both in your care plan and in general. Our individualized care plans are a road map, designed specific to each resident’s unique conditions, abilities, needs, routines, and goals. For more information on individualized care plans or to schedule a tour, contact us today.

Events & Outings

Event Outings & Scheduled Transportation

Our community vehicle allows us to conduct safe field trips, fun outings, trips to the doctor with our trained staff. It’s a treat to experience the world first hand from time to time again.

Private Apartments

Private Apartment

Our private apartments provide a comforting home, allowing you to relax and enjoy life. We encourage you to decorate your apartment, move in your best furniture, hang pictures of kids & grand-kids etc.

Medication Administration

Medication Administration

As we grow older, our medication regime becomes more important. No longer does missing a dose constitute an “Oh well,” it could mean life or death. At Life’s Journey you can rest assured that our highly skilled nursing staff is on site 24/7, and they personally administer medication allowing you or your loved one peace of mind.

3 Meals a Day

Three Nutritious Meals a Day

At Life’s Journey we know that you are what you eat. For people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, healthy eating is even more important than your average person, as it has been found to slow the effects of the disease. That’s why when you or a loved one live in our community, you can enjoy numerous healthy food choices prepared fresh daily.

Quality Care

Quality Care Promise

At Life’s Journey, the care we have for the members of our community is evident in our team. We recognize that for many caregivers and family members it’s difficult to leave your loved one in a new community. We also recognize how scary a new place may be for those who are affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia, or just moving into one of our assisted living facilities. That is why Life’s Journey guarantees to provide a place of safety & security where everyone is treated with love, compassion, & dignity. It’s our mission & promise to you and your loved ones.