Making the decision to Move your Loved One to a Memory Care Assisted Living Residence

21 Nov, 2017

When a family member starts to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s – with time the illness progresses, making it difficult for the family members to deal with the patient. The first emotion that follows right after helplessness is GUILT!

The main reason behind the guilt you feel is the helplessness you face in the wake of the illness and its consequences that are beyond the control of our limits. The decision to move your family member that you care and love is always difficult. But it is a very important decision to make considering your own schedule and the constant and proper care requirements of your loved one suffering from dementia.

When to move your loved one to a Memory Care Facility?

Despite the guilt you feel about sending your family member to a Memory care facility with assisted living and not be able to care for them on your own – it is the best decision for both.

Before taking this decision first consider these questions:

  1. Are you able to provide proper care for your loved one who has dementia?
  2. Do you have the proper training needed to care for such people?
  3. Are you providing the best quality of life for your loved one at your home?
  4. Are you able to cope with your daily routine and job and give proper care and assistance to your loved one?
  5. Are you patient enough to handle the aggressive or hoarding behavior of your loved one?
  6. Do you know what type of medication to give to your loved one and when?

If the answer to these questions is No or maybe then you must consider moving them to a memory care assisted living facility. These facilities usually operate as a community and provide support and care for their clients and their family members as well.

The experts at the facility are well trained, and they are professionally skilled people who are authorized to provide medication to your loved one when needed. They maintain a strict schedule of proper diet and medicines for patients to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Keep in mind that memory care assisted living institutions are aware of the importance of physical activity and interaction with dementia patients. They have special activities designed to cater to the special needs of your loved ones who suffer from this challenging and often frustrating illness.

Difficult Decision of Letting Go of your Caregiving responsibilities

Thinking in the long term, it is important for you as a primary caregiver to hand over the responsibility of caregiving of your loved one to a professional memory care service. Seeking professional help will reduce the stress and challenge you face alone when caring for your beloved family member.

Understand that your loved ones at this point require special care and attention that you are not able to provide.

Take a tour and inquire about the charges, care-services, and activities that the facility will provide to your family member. Select the facility after discussing it with your loved ones. Make sure to pay regular visits and participate in group activities designed by the facility to facilitate the treatment and care-plan.