How to choose a Memory Care Senior Living Home

20 Nov, 2017

Five things to consider when selecting the Best Memory Care Senior Living Home

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients need special care and assistance, the type of care that they need at this stage of life is sometimes impossible to provide by their family members. Families are often overwhelmed by the demanding and sometimes aggressive behavior depicted by Dementia patients, due to the physical and emotional suffering they go through each day. For families, the decision to relocate their loved ones suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s to a memory care home is difficult.

The tips provided here will help families decide what to look for when selecting a memory care home senior living home.

Secure and Safety for your Loved One

Our family members suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia suffer from a major decline in their cognitive processes which means that their decision making and memory is not as it used to be. Due to severe memory lapses and indecisiveness in daily activities, these patients are prone to accidents and mishaps throughout the day.

They need constant monitoring and observation which is not possible for family members. When choosing a memory care home senior living, make sure that the care center has the necessary safety measures in place to keep your loved ones safe and secure. Protection from accidents and self-injury must be at the core of the service provider.

Comfortable Rooms and Great Ambiance

When choosing a memory care senior living home for your beloved family members, choose a home that has rooms furnished with comfortable furniture. Having a comfortable bed or a bed which seems similar to the one they used back at home will make your loved ones feel like home, and they will adjust properly in their new setting.

The building and rooms must be free from any institutional layout that gives negative vibes like being in a hospital. Choose a service that is homely and comfortable for your family member.

A Well Designed Care Program

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right memory care home for your family member is the care program offered for their treatment and care. The facility must meet the basic needs of the residents with specialization in providing the best care for patients who have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Trained Staff for Care and Treatment

Apart from having a program that focuses on treatment of your loved ones, the facility you select for your family member must have staff members who are well-trained in treating and caring for patients who have dementia and other memory loss problems.

It is important for the staff to remain calm and considerate when the elderly with memory problems are aggressive and refuses foods, medication and sometimes even water. The staff must know how to tackle and care for your loved ones, and they should be trained in providing first aid medication when needed.

Support for Family Members

When selecting a service for your beloved family member, consider a facility that works like a closely knit community with plenty of support and help for the family members as well. The family members of Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients are already suffering from pain and ailment when they see their loved ones with this illness. Proper guidance must be provided to family members in dealing with the patient with such conditions.

Before selecting a facility make sure to plan a detailed visit to each facility and assess the programs and activities that each facility has for your loved one. Choose a facility after a full assessment of its program, their activities and prices.